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There’s a sign at the city limits. In the next town

100 feet tall and could be seen around

from the distance. Some times you can hear it.

Whipping the air with red and blue striped by white.

Historic. Plaguing. Imperial.

It looks at us menacing. Trying to remind me of a time of taking and giving. 

Now in it’s retrospect even in it’s prime it did less giving than taking.

In to the bacon. Fat of the dealings and darkness covered in Hoods.

In these shadows the sign stood, 100 feet tall. 

It tells the Mexicans that their papers are cheap labor.

And Dominicans to sell the rice and beans. Beef or Goat.

And asks the blacks to move aside to never cross their moat.

Of asphalt and “clean streets”. As while they hear no gunshots in their sleep.

Asking the last of theirs that even remain that they had their chance to come across.

Had a chance to be a “dream”. Spirits demeaned and loss.

And it casts a shadow on my Hood. Casts a willing darkness on my sleeves.

I should

Mention with whipping stripes but box of stars…and the sign only speaks when it’s patrols…pose on lights to ask for license and insurance, and the plates where good…and their was no busted lights.

This sign at the city limits I pledged to it once. But my papers are natural. And still I’m seen un natural. I’m not white. I’m not black. I’m not brown. Nor yellow. But my color for my sign is person……



Interviewer: Black history month you find…

Morgan Freeman: Ridiculous.

Interviewer: Why?

Morgan Freeman: You’re going to relegate my history to a month?

Interviewer: Oh, come on.

Morgan Freeman: What do you do with yours? Which month is white history month?

Interviewer: (pause) Well, I’m Jewish.

Morgan Freeman: Okay. Which month is jewish history month?

Interviewer: There isn’t one.

Morgan Freeman: Oh, oh. Why not? Do you want one?

Interviewer: No.

Morgan Freeman: Right. I don’t either. I don’t want a black history month. Black history is American history.

Interviewer: How are we going to get rid of racism?

Morgan Freeman: Stop talking about it.

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I swear, there are certain lines in the movie that though they are meant for the Falkland Islands War, and the Pakistan immigrants and a general feeling that was floating in England at this time……the whole Nationalist temper….I’m amazed by my observation of these types of thoughts and attitudes in my back yard here in the US.

Though the movie is portraying a time already passed in history, I can’t help but wonder why is that here in the good ‘ole States, I’ve heard people speaking like this over “illegal” and “legal” immigrants, today.

I can’t recall the exact source, but I remember a politician and I quote..


I personally did not know someone took it…..I do know that the country was sold; sold into the back pockets and bank accounts of the ultra-wealthy who have those same illegal immigrants as their:

Lawn Keepers, Restaurant Cooks/busboys, maids, and my favorite……baby nannies…..

Funny, let’s take our country back from the same people we entrust with the care of our seeds…..

Nationalism is nothing more than an ego-feeding idea and philosophy that promotes some type of Elitism and separation amongst the thousands of cultures that exist in this country. (Let alone, my area, the Tri-State.)

"Those fuckin’ Mexicans (because they call all immigrants from Central and South America Mexicans), they are taking all the labor for cheap wages and taking food from people that could use it. They want America to pay for their life here in the States….."

Not an spot on exact quote, but something I have heard, from “educated people”, not only degenerates laying around as sewer rats disguised as people……

Is it not here [in the USA] that we tend to say,

"Working like a Mexican" ?….SMH

Take it from a person whose people and culture are constantly accused of being loud, obnoxious,  womanizing and alcohol loving- drug dealers……