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I am a Latin American but not thse guys with a weird accent…more like an American sounding Latin American….(an Urban-Tristate American at that….none of that southern hospitality bullshit..Dominican…meaning….mixture of European, African, and Carribean/Taino)……I used to write a lot of rap lyrics….but there was something in their that I couldn’t really get passed….it was the idea that you have to talk tougher then what you are…as if you’re from the “streets”……You can’t write about being afraid of this massively huge and corrupt world….or you can’t write about the cunt that stole your heart and still hasn’t given it back.

But then….my preference of musical lyrics began to gravitate to the up front and blunt Europeans…(mostly English)..or is it that they write poems and you have to dicipher them compared to just listening to rappers say…”bitches, switches, and riches” all day.

Some rappers are starting to get more in-depth…but still not enough.

I love all types of art…but music would be my favourite…BY FAR

I can really hear a lot of music in my head being played…or should i say created……I have no problem giving out EVERY cd/audio file for free…..I don’t want to become some rich pretentious snob through my music….

I want people to look at the brown of my skin….the black of my brillo hair……when i jump on that stage….and when I look into the eyes of that girl that catches them before I utter the first words…I want people to have that surprised face like….

"I didnt know this smoothe cat was going to jump up there with his guitar and blow us away…."….

Ladies will say “He’s cute”…

and chaps will say…

"I want to smoke a spliff and throw a couple back with ‘im…"

And most importantly…every race, color, creed, gender, preference, no matter what social status will hear my music and say…..


They might not like the singing, they might not even like the lyrics…or even the musical notation itself..but something in the song makes them bop their heads…makes them think…or just makes them see something that they were not seeing earlier.

I want to help people through their daily highs and lows on this epic journey of our lives….and music is my calling for doing it. At least it’s one of the few things that I feel fully confident about when I talk about it…..


I have a very nice gentlemen out in Williamsburg who is going to sell me his Midi piano which I am in dire need of. I feel like just going tonight and getting it instead of staying in with my cousin and smoking pot and then when he leaves, I’ll start thinking how I should of gone to go get it to start fidgeting with it as my newest instrumental piece to the package……




When you’ve got the sound… 

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